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svari energija solar station panels ukraine european unionLithuania is one of the European Union country that confidently introduces and develops renewable energy. It was fixed in the end of 2015 that all amount of produced “green” energy through all country reached 24,7%. It is a great mark reached due to implementation of wind, solar and biogas stations. According to the Directive of the European Parliament adopted in 2009, Lithuania has to generate at least 23% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Now it is clear that it has exceeded the requirements and is moving confidently forward, gaining momentum in the use of renewable sources.

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In Ukraine, there is the highest “green” tariff today (0.18 € for 1 kW) and one of the highest solar illumination. Development of predominantly solar energy in Ukraine is proceeding at a tremendous rate. In 2016, the power of all solar plants in Ukraine amounted to 1.1 GW. Investors are very interested in Ukraine solar potential, its big “green” tariff and they are ready to invest money into the development of solar business. However, big money is a big responsibility. Therefore, Ukrainians needs competent, reliable, tested knowledge’s, skills and collaborates to provide such business.

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In terms of European Commission’s Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Ukrainian entrepreneur was accepted our company to acquire skills, knowledge and experience from “Svari energija”.

We are open company and have enough skills, implemented projects, experience and grateful customers with solar stations throughout Lithuania.

Since 2008 “Svari energija” introducing solar panels and solar power stations in Lithuania.

There are no doubts that Ukrainian entrepreneur will gain all benefits from participating in this project and in future will raise strong and perspective cooperation.

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